“One of the most FORCEFUL, PROVOCATIVE AND POLITICALLY RELEVANT show onstage in today’s theatre scene… sure to keep the audience viewer on the ‘jagged edge’ of one’s seat…This playwright and his story is TRANSPARENT ABOUT EVERYTING, from terrorists who kill in the name of God; to the notion that artifacts are blasphemous idols; to how hopeless and trapped Norton ultimately felt.

— Bonnie Priever,Curtain Up


“OUTSTANDING… emotional depth… complex and honest… a stellar cast and script that fuels an engaging and thoughtful narrative…What deems Infidel as an outstanding production? It breathes depth into the persons involved.Writer/director Christopher Vened creates an atmosphere that does not delve in heavy-handed politics. It is a situation that could happen to any of us. That is its power and leads to its ambiguous ending that this reviewer thought absolutely brilliant…The production attempts to answer the age-old question: What drives peaceful men to violence in the name of God? And it does a superb job in displaying a complex and honest reply.”

— Jarrett Christensen, Tolucan Times


FASCINATING… ELECTRIFYING… A window on a world few of us would ever see. Told with empathy and a lightness that allows us the space to truly consider and to make our own judgments on how violence on an industrial scale can induce even the most pious to revenge.

I came away with a far better understanding of the importance of human frailty within a movement.  How each of us are only a few steps and a few thousand miles away from picking up a book or a rock or a gun and using it to justify our pain.  And how beautiful faith can be…”

— Samantha Ronceros,


“INTERESTING INSIGHTS… The writer, having escaped from martial law Poland, wanted to humanize people and see things from all eyes.”

— Serita Stevens, LA Slash


DELIVERS… a worthwhile afternoon, leading to more thought and research afterward.”

— Edger German, Colorado Boulevard


Vened has done a very credible job as director, staging the action smoothly on a bare stage and focusing his actors adeptly.

— Iris Mann, Stage Raw