Human Identity: Poster

Biographical Note: Christopher Vened is a writer and a performer. He was born in 1952, in Poland, where he lived about the first half of his life. He was an actor-mime in the Wroclaw Pantomime Theater of Henryk Tomaszewski from 1974 until the end of 1981. While on tour with the company in West Germany, he defected to the West because martial law was declared in Poland. Since then he has been living in the West, first in West Berlin for two and a half years, and then in the United States. Mind you, it is hard not to see that he became a citizen of the world and an international artist. Whether here or there, he has always been involved in the work of theater: directing, teaching, and performing. And here is the through line: theater is a country without borders. He is the author of the acting book In Character: An Actor’s Workbook for Character Development. Part I of this book “Identity” inspired him to create the one-man show “Human Identity.” The show is done in the rare formula of a monodrama theatre that combines words and mime. It is a comedy.

A One Man Show Written and Performed by Christopher Vened

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